DELI is a professional China Betadex manufacturers and suppliers, if you are looking for the best Betadex with low price, consult us now!
Now has an annual output of 500 tons of Hydroxypropyl Betadex, 200 tons of Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium production line.  The testing center of the company is equipped with Thermo ICS-6000SP ion chromatography, Beckman P/ACE MDQ PLUS capillary electrophoresis, Waters 2695 high performance liquid chromatography, Agilent 6890 gas chromatography, FTIR-650 (high configuration) infrared spectrometer, WZ2-2B automatic polarimeter, automatic moisture tester and other more than 20 testing equipments (sets), can meet the testing needs of each production link of products.  The company's management system has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.
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Welcome to our factory to buy the bulk Betadex. DELI is one of the Betadex manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products in stock and we will provide free sample. Please come to wholesale products made in China.
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