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Congratulations to Our Company for a Successful Completion of the 2023 CPHI


We will participate in CPHI Shanghai 2023 from 19th June to 21st JuneXi'an Deli Biochemical Co., Ltd, established in 1999, is specialized in cyclodextrin and its derivatives for 24 years.

The CPHI Exhibition serves as a global platform for pharmaceutical professionals to connect, share knowledge, and explore cutting-edge products and technologies. With thousands of attendees, including industry experts, decision-makers, and potential partners, this event provided an ideal opportunity for us to make a lasting impact and reinforce our presence in the market.

Throughout the exhibition, our company's booth attracted a significant number of visitors, who were captivated by our extensive range of high-quality pharmaceutical products, advanced technologies, and customized solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals engaged in fruitful discussions, forging valuable connections, and fostering collaborations that will drive future growth and success.

This successful exhibition would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication, and teamwork of our employees. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service ensured that our presence at the 2023 CPHI Exhibition was a resounding success.


As we reflect on this achievement, we express our gratitude to all our valued partners, customers, and stakeholders who visited our booth and expressed their trust and support. The positive feedback we received during the event further motivates us to continue striving for excellence and delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Building on the success of the 2023 CPHI Exhibition, we are confident that our company will continue to lead the way in the pharmaceutical sector, making a significant impact on global healthcare.


In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our company and its exceptional team for the successful completion of the 2023 CPHI Exhibition. This accomplishment further strengthens our resolve to pursue excellence and drive advancements in pharmaceuticals, ultimately contributing to a healthier and brighter future for all.


Main products: 


CAS No.: 182410-00-0

Standard : CP/USP/EP

DMF No.: 034772



CAS No.: 128446-35-5


DMF No.: 034773


Contact email: XADL@XADL.COM

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