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Use of Hydroxypropyl Betadex.

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is an ideal solvent remover and drug excipient for injection due to its relatively low surface and hemolytic activity and non-irritant to muscles.

It can improve the water solubility of insoluble drugs, increase the stability of drugs, improve the bioavailability of drugs, increase the efficacy of drugs or reduce the dosage of drugs, can adjust or control the speed of drug release, reduce the side effects of drugs.

It can be used as a carrier of oral drugs, injections, mucosal drug delivery systems, transdermal absorption drug delivery systems, lipophilic targeted drugs, and can also be used as a protein protector and stabilizer.

Used as stabilizer, emulsifier and deodorant in cosmetics raw materials, it can reduce the irritation of organic molecules in cosmetics to skin mucous membranes, enhance the stability of active ingredients, and prevent the volatilization and oxidation of nutrients. Increase the water solubility of insoluble flavor, fragrance; Keep the fragrance slow release, lasting.

In food, it can improve the stability and long-term performance of nutritional molecules, cover up or correct the bad smell and taste of food nutritional molecules, improve the production process and product quality, and increase the shelf life of products.

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