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The use of Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium.

1. Application in injections
Function: Solvent, stabilizer, improve the solubility and stability of insoluble drugs, so that insoluble drugs can be developed into injections. (Example: Improving the stability of camustine with SBE-β-CD; Improve the solubility of docetaxel, Voriconazole, ibuprofen and indomethacin by SBE-β-CD)

2. Application in oral preparations
Action: solvent, stabilizer, improve the bioavailability of insoluble drugs. (Example: Increasing bioavailability of Danazole, flunarizine, prednisone hydride and prasugrel by SBE-β-CD)

3, in the application of ophthalmic preparations
Function: solvent, stabilizer, reduce drug irritation. (Example: Improving irritation and stability of pilocarpine, ballofloxacin, dipiflin and acyclovir with SBE-β-CD)

4. Application in nasal preparations
Effects: Increase the permeability of nasal mucosa, improve the solubility and stability of drugs, and improve the metabolic rate of drugs at the target site. (Example: Improving solubility and stability of imidazoline with SBE-β-CD)

5, in the application of ointment

Action: Improve the solubility and stability of the drug. (Example: Improving the solubility and stability of Nimesulide with SBE-β-CD)

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